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A Homegrown Mindset Movement for the Millennial Makeup Addict

The mission at BackPorchPoet is to inspire and empower women everywhere through makeup and mindset. The hope is to remind every reader that makeup is art and beauty is poetry and you, my friend, are a work of pure magnificence. BackPorchPoet wishes to be a platform where women take center stage and are celebrated for their work, contributions, and general awesomeness.


Think of the top beauty and fashion brands off the top of your head. The high end companies.

Who do you think of?

Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs

Christian Louboutin

Christian Dior

Ok, ok! But what about…

Estee Lauder?

Gabrielle Chanel?

Estee Lauder is currently owned by the Lauder family, spearheaded by Leonard Lauder (with current CEO being Fabrizio Freda).

Chanel is all but synonymous with its Creative Director, the late Karl Lagerfeld, who was a legend in his own right but unfortunately is further proving the point.

Ok, you get it with the high end brands but what about the ~everyday woman~?

What about our affordable heros like BH Cosmetics, ELF Cosmetics, Revlon, and Maybelline?

BH Cosmetics - Founded by Fred Sadovsky.

ELF Cosmetics - Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba.

Revlon - Founded by Charles Revson, Joseph Revson, and Charles Lachman.

Maybelline - Founded by Thomas Lyle Williams.

Now, before we all get into a social justice tizzy let’s point out that we love these companies. We love these brands. BackPorchPoet has used them on its platforms and will continue to use them so long as they create products we enjoy. That’s not the point we’re trying to make here.

We want to celebrate women. All women. We want to give them credit for their work. We want to make female entrepreneurs, business women, scientists, artists, writers, thinkers, and speakers household names again while celebrating our readership in the process.

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BackPorchPoet, the instagram, was founded by Cara Cozy in 2017 after what she lovingly calls her “quarter life crisis.”

She had just quit her well-paying but panic inducing job to write and work retail. An unpublished novel was also born in this time of anxiety prompted contemplation but one morning she woke up and tried to remember when she had decided everyone else’s opinions were more important than her own.

Self-inflicted internalized misogyny was keeping her from living her dreams.

I thought, what if people think I’m vain or stupid or unrealistic for being interested in cosmetics and art? What will people think of me? What if they stop taking me seriously? And then I realized these were the thoughts that kept me from being myself my whole life. This fear of being brushed off, belittled, and ignored and I decided I would rather not be taken seriously than wake up with daily panic attacks and I knew I had to quit my then job. I knew I had to get back to my art because that was the last time I had truly lost myself in anything as far as I could remember.
— Cara Cozy

Since its inception, BackPorchPoet has grown to include this website and a YouTube channel where Cara hopes to be a light for women who might have felt the way she did back in 2017.

I never want any woman to feel as though she is less intelligent or less worthy than any man purely for her interests in more stereotypically feminine activities. Feminism has come a long way but there is more work to do. I want my readership to be unapologetically themselves whether they’re makeup junkies like I am or maybe less interested in the girly side of life but want to see what I have to say on the empowerment front. I welcome everyone (including the boys!) to celebrate all that women have accomplished, are accomplishing, and are fighting to accomplish in the future.
— Cara Cozy

You can follow BackPorchPoet here, on Instagram, and on YouTube.

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About The Author

Hello! I’m BackPorchPoet, or Cara for short.

I’m a writer, cosmetic enthusiast, feminist, pun lover, and crazy dog lady. Here you’ll find makeup inspiration, an ever growing swatch catalog, and a healthy helping of glitter. Come join me as we fall down the rabbit hole together with one of my favorite addictions.