Inspired Makeup Monday: Florence Lawrence - Our First Movie Star


Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

 Silver Screen Queens

Silver Screen Queens is going to look at the golden age of movie stars. With Halloween around the corner, you might find yourself wanting to emulate a look or two. After all, if you’re forced to go to that Halloween party, might as well look fabulous while you do it!  

The Creation:



The Process:

I started out filling in my brows, however, instead of the angular shape I typically go for I rounded out the front and kept the arch quite soft. I primed my lids with my concealer and dusted the NYX single shadow to set it. For liner I went with a simple, thick line. Popping on mascara and some NYX Jumbo Pencil in the water line the eyes were complete.

For the face I did my typical foundation and concealer routine. I wanted a glow to the face but knew that it would have to be more of a subtle lit from within glow. For this I used the AOA Studio liquid highlighters and dabbed it in with my fingers on the high points of my face. I set my cream products with the matte highlight from the Wet N’ Wild Palette and with a fluffy brush went ham on the blush. Based off the photo inspiration, the effect was meant for an overall flush as opposed to a precise application. Once the lips were on the look was complete!

I would go into how I styled my hair but trust me, it only looks good in the photos…I would not recommend going out with your hair the way I did it for the photos!


The Inspiration:

Florence Lawrence has been heralded as the world’s very first movie star. This is not to say she is the first woman to be portrayed on film, rather, she is the first woman who was named for her participating role. Born in Canada, Lawrence began her career as a stage actress before starting her career in film with The Boy, The Bust And The Bath in 1907.


Today’s look was inspired by a cover photo for PhotoPlay Magazine published in November 1914. It appears to be a colorized photo of the actress sporting rosy, round cheeks, a berry lip, and long lower lashes. If you wanted to take inspiration from our friend Flow, grab a bucket hat or turban, curl your hair into a bob (or faux bob) add a flowy A-line dress and you’re good to go!

The Products:  


                        NYX Cosmetics:  Single Shadow: I Have a Headache

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Liquid Liner: Black

                        L’oreal: Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Skinny Lash Primer

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Skinny Lash Mascara

                        NYX Cosmetics: Jumbo Eye Pencil: Milk

                        Benefit: Precisely My Brow Pencil: No. 3


                        Live Glam: Kiss Me Club Liquid Lipstick: Pour Decisions


                        Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation

                        NYX Cosmetics: HD Concealer

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Liquid Highlighter: Morning Glow

                        BH Cosmetics: HD Blush Palette: Glamourous

                        Wet N’ Wild: Contour Palette: Dulce De Leche