Inspired Makeup Monday: Glinda the Good Witch

Silver Screen Queens

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

Silver Screen Queens is going to look at the golden age of movie stars. With Halloween around the corner, you might find yourself wanting to emulate a look or two. After all, if you’re forced to go to that Halloween party, might as well look fabulous while you do it!  

The Creation:


The Process:

To begin, I totally changed up my brow routine. As opposed to the angular style that is popular today, I noticed Glinda (from the 1939 The Wizard of Oz movie) had a softer brow shape. I began by curving the front of my brow and continued the soft rounded shape through to the tail. I also made my brows as thin as possible without having to block them out. Additionally, Glinda has a reddish/auburn tone to her hair which is why I went with this particular brow color.

The eye makeup is fairly simple, taking Sugarpill’s Frostine all over the lid and buffing the edges out with the Shop Miss A baked eyeshadow in Gravel. I took a liquid liner to line the upper lash line, popped my face highlighter in the inner corner and threw on mascara to finish the eye look.

For the face, I knew that the style of the 30s and 40s was matte, matte, and more matte…but I couldn’t stay away from a little highlight! (We’ll just say it’s bringing Glinda into 2018…) After applying my base and setting it with powder, I used a red-toned blush from the BH Cosmetics Glamourous palette to rose up the apples of my cheeks, a touch across the nose, chin, and a bit on my temples. This was meant to mimic Glinda’s rosy/flushed appearance in the movie. I went over the high points of my face with BH Cosmetic’s Blacklight Highlighter palette because…I had to!

The lips were a tad tricky but I finally decided on mixing my Grande Cosmetics Liquid Lip in Smoked Sherry and Live Glam’s liquid lip in Butterfly.


The Inspiration

I assume most people are aware of the world’s first color film. It was a marvel of innovation at the time and was led by a female star, Judy Garland. Additionally, two of the most powerful characters in the film were also women. Billie Burk played Glinda the good witch and Margaret Hamilton the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s amazing to me, as I continue this series, how many bomb ladies have graced the silver screen with powerful roles and yet there is still a stigma that female led movies are not profitable. (As written about here and here) Granted, the movie was considered a flop at premiere but only because it lost out to Gone with the Wind, another female driven movie about a woman’s growth and survival during America’s Civil War south.

Burke was 54 when she took on the iconic role of Glinda (rocking her fabulous glitter ensemble) busting another myth that women have to be a certain age to be in a major role (that’s not someone’s mother, grandmother, wizened old woman, etc.)

Therefore, here at BackPorchPoet, we’ve decided to give a nod to Glinda our Good Witch and feeling fabulous doing so.