Inspired Makeup Monday: Liz Taylor's Cleopatra

Silver Screen Queens  

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

Silver Screen Queens is going to look at the golden age of movie stars. With Halloween around the corner, you might find yourself wanting to emulate a look or two. After all, if you’re forced to go to that Halloween party, might as well look fabulous while you do it!  


The Creation:


The Process:

I started out mapping the shape of Liz’s iconic block brow. Using my dip brow and an angled brush I created a new shape for my brow and carved it out with concealer. I then used several blue and white colors from the modern mattes palette and packed that all over my lid.

For the graphic liner, I used a small angled brush and my gel liner to slowly map out the shape I wanted, being sure to get the inner corner and the lower lash line. I also attached the end of the liner to the end of my brow, going over the dip brow with some of the gel liner. I used the dazzle lock all over the lid and patted my blue glitter on top. When the eyes were complete I used a generous helping of foundation and blended around the graphic eye-work.

After powdering the foundation and concealer down I did a light contour with my NYX Taupe blush and did a pop of peach on the apples of the cheeks. I added the inner corner highlight with the AOA studio highlight and plopped on some mascara and the look was complete!


The Inspiration

Liz Taylor was a force to be reckoned with. She won 2 Oscars for best actress, had a role in at least 33 films, was married 8 times (twice to the same man) and is an American Icon in her own right. Due to her larger than life persona I felt it necessary to recreate her recreation of one of history’s most powerful women. If you’re looking to feel the power of a queen this Halloween, Liz Taylor isn’t a bad one to dress up as this year.

The Products:  


                        Anasasia Beverly Hills: Dip Brow: Medium Brown

                        ELF Cosmetics: Gel Eyeliner: Black

                        BH Cosmetics: Modern Mattes Palette

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Dazzle Lock

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Radiant Glitter: Soultry

                        Too Faced Cosmetics: Better Than Sex Mascara

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Baked Highlighter: Cream Puff


                        ColourPop Cosmetics: Lipstick: Kathleen Lights Zodiac Collection:

What’s Your Sign?



                        Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation

                        Urban Decay: All Nighter Concealer

                        NYX Cosmetics: HD Blush: Taupe

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Loose Setting Powder: Translucent

                        BH Cosmetics: HD Blush Palette: Glamourous