Inspired Makeup Monday: Grateful for Film Noir, Horror, & Sci-Fi

Gratitude is Always in Style

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

Gratitude is Always in Style is just what it sounds like - a bunch of my favorite things interpreted into makeup looks. Thanksgiving is rolling around in North America and winter holidays after that. Sometimes it’s easy for me to get inside my own head (hence the lack of posts last week) so what better way to break out of the funk than to be thankful for the little things (and big things).

Film Noir, Horror, & Sci-Fi

I’m not sure when I started watching Vincent Price movies - I think it was referenced in a Scooby Doo cartoon (you can judge me, but I love me some Scooby). I was no stranger to a good Turner Classic Film (thanks to parents who shared their own love for Old Hollywood movies). My father bought me a huge box set of The Twilight Zone episodes and my mother has her own growing collection of Charlton Heston DVDs. This foundation has spread and though I’m no film buff, I love nothing more than a cup of tea on a cold night and a good murder mystery. I’m grateful they shared this love with me and that’s where we’re starting this november.


I usually break down my creative process and products - however- this fever dream of generic Halloween makeup and some matte shadows did not turn out exactly to plan. Or, they wouldn’t if a plan were involved. There was no plan. This was a hodge podge of products flung onto my face. I would like to revisit Black & White makeup at a later date (with not generic Halloween makeup) so I’ll leave it at that… :)

I’m happy (generally) with the final outcome but would suggest this process to no one I didn’t want to frustrate immensely.

What are you grateful for? What are some of your favorite things? Let me know! I’d love to hear them!