Watercolor Makeup: Inspired Makeup Monday

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Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and our first look series on BackPorchPoet.

Makeup is Art is going to look at different techniques and artists as both literal and figurative inspiration for upcoming looks.


The Creation:




The Process:

Using my AOA Wonder Cover Corrector in White, I blanked out my lids and eyebrows. Once I was satisfied with my base, I took several fluffy eye brushes in varying densities and dabbed each color without blending. Using this technique, I attempted to imitate the transparent washes of color seen in many watercolor styles. Once I was happy with my color choice and placement I put some of the Wonder Cover Corrector on the back of my hand. I used a duo fiber face brush to pick up the white corrector and carefully stipple the product over the colors originally placed. These small, randomly placed dots were meant to imitate a technique where an artist throws salt on her watercolor piece in order to create a similar effect.

The brows were achieved using the same colors found on the eye and in the 35B palette. I used an angled brush to both fills in the shape I wanted and cover the white on my natural brow hairs.              

The Inspiration:

I have a deep appreciation for the aesthetic of watercolors. The above was created with lush gardens, delicate flowers, and sumptuous meadows in mind. When doing research for this article I stumbled upon the works of Barbara Nechis, Maude Durland, and Sue Dickinson. Just like in my line art post, finding historical examples of female watercolorists was like fighting to find your size during a 90% off flash sale on Black Friday – unnecessarily difficult and aggravating. Like the female line artists of the early 20th century, I am fairly certain they exist, but to my un-trained and self-educated skill set, I was not able to uncover any who properly represented the style I wished to emulate. Thankfully, both these women, other female artists, and makeup artists all over the internet are taking watercolors and making it their own. I challenge you to take a search on Instagram for Watercolor Makeup and let me know what you find. 


The Products:


                        Shop Miss A: AOA Wonder Cover Corrector: White Highlighter

                        Morphe Brushes: 35B Palette

                        Essence: Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension Mascara

                        False Lashes: Unknown

                        Duo Lash Glue


                        Jouer Cosmetics: Long Wear Crème Lip Liner: Nude

                        Shop Miss A: Diamond Lipgloss: Cosmic



                        Jouer Cosmetics: Essential High Coverage Foundation: Sand

                        Tarte Cosmetics: Shape Tape Concealer: Fair

                        LA Girl: PRO. Contour Cream Highlight and Contour Duo: Natural

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Perfect Pressed Powder: Translucent

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Perfect Pressed Powder: Porcelain

                        NYX Cosmetics: HD Blush: Taupe

                        NYX Cosmetics: Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

                        ELF Cosmetics: Shimmer Highlighting Powder: Starlight Glow

                        Mario Badescu: Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

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