Nicole Franz: Inspired Makeup Monday

Nicole Franz: Inspired Makeup Monday

Makeup is Art

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and our first look series on BackPorchPoet.

Makeup is Art is going to look at different techniques and artists as both literal and figurative inspiration for upcoming looks.

The Creation:         




The Process:

After applying my base products, I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to map out the placement of the larger details. To create the scalloped edge along the circle I took the AOA Liquid Eyeshadow in Kilo and the white AOA concealer on the back of a makeup brush and used it as a dotting tool. I used this technique on the forehead for the crown detail as well. The swirls inside the circle and the black outlines were created using liquid eyeliner.

The gold details were created by mixing my Smolder pigment with their Smolder Potion Mixing Medium to create a liquid liner-like consistency. The opposite lid to the circle detail was created using the AOA Liquid Shadows in Kilo and Litmus interchangeably used and smudged out with a brush. The forehead glitter was dabbed on with the back of a makeup brush tacked with glitter glue.

The lips were created by combining two red liquid lipsticks. The glitter was a mix of Smolder’s Stiletto and Hidden Cosmetic’s Honey Jar and pressed on with my finger to the still damp lipstick base.

The Inspiration:

I was taking an art lesson with Michelle Palatnik, a fabulous artist, and mentor when I noticed some pieces outside her studio door. These grandiose, larger than life images of women collaged with delicate and whimsical photos caught my attention immediately. Each time I went back for a lesson I found myself staring at the work and daydreaming about a future makeup studio with some of the larger pieces’ center stage. I mentioned this to Michelle who encouraged me to take a brochure of, what I discovered to be, Nicole Franz work.

All Images reproduced with permission from the artist.

All Images reproduced with permission from the artist.


Everything about the subject matter, materials, and style spoke to me. Little did I know she would be showing more of her work in a restaurant very close to where I lived. I knew I had to try and recreate her work in makeup – it was just natural. Messaging Nicole Franz on her social media, I was ecstatic to hear she would allow me to post her original next to my attempted copy. It is not as precise a recreation as I hoped it to be but I am still fairly happy with how it turned out. My hope is that I did the original some sort of justice.


You can see more of Nicole Franz work on her Instagram and her website.

The Products:



                        Shop Miss A: AOA Wonder Cover Corrector: White Highlighter

                        Shop Miss A: A2o Glow Liquid Eyeshadow: Kilo

                        Shop Miss A: A2o Glow Liquid Eyeshadow: Litmus

                        NYX Cosmetics: Epic Ink Liquid Liner

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Loose Glam Dust: Gold Digger

                        Essence: Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension Mascara

                        False Lashes: Unknown

                        Duo Lash Glue


                        Live Glam: Kiss Me Club Liquid Lipstick: Vixen

                        Live Glam: Kiss Me Club Liquid Lipstick: Poison Apple

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Radiant Glitter: Stiletto

                        Hidden Cosmetics: Unicorn Dust Glitter: Honey Jar



                        Jouer Cosmetics: Essential High Coverage Foundation: Sand

                        Tarte Cosmetics: Shape Tape Concealer: Fair

                        LA Girl: PRO. Contour Cream Highlight and Contour Duo: Natural

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Perfect Pressed Powder: Translucent

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Perfect Pressed Powder: Porcelain

                        NYX Cosmetics: HD Blush: Taupe

                        XO Beauty: Highlighting Powder: Lucent

                        Mario Badescu: Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

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