Pyramidal Neurons: Inspired Makeup Monday

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

Your Brain On Makeup

Your Brain on Makeup is going to take inspiration from the cells in our bodies. These looks will take both literal and figurative cues from the tiny powerhouses that help fuel all our makeup addictions.


The Creation:



The Process:

            I began with my base makeup to create seamless cuts/blends between the more colorful parts of the makeup and the more skin-like parts of the makeup. When I was finished with my foundation, concealer, and contour I used the same concealer to split my face into the upper and lower quadrant.

            Going back and forth between my Morphe and BH cosmetics palettes I began stamping color into the crease and outer corner of my eyes. I placed the color from lightest to darkest and blended them together with a clean fluffy brush that had no product deposit. When I was finally happy with the general color scheme I used my ELF cosmetics Gel Liner to begin drawing my pyramids and then filling them in with the White Gold Tarte liner. I first filled both sides of the pyramid with the metallic liner side then on one side I topped it with the glitter part of the liner to be sure it came out opaque. I filled in some of the extra space with the shimmery yellow shade from the Morphe palette and also went over some of the bolder colors to create a highlight-like sheen. I deepened the outer corner with the black shadow from the Morphe palette and used the leftover product on my packing brush to create a soft wash on the lid. Add mascara and lashes and the top half is complete!

            I defined the concealer line with my ELF Liner and began to randomly pack color with a small angled cheek brush. Going between the blues and the purples in the Morphe Palette I would stamp the color then blend it out. To create a colored contour, I used the navy eyeshadow to carve out my cheekbones and a small shader brush to contour the tip of my nose. I brightened my nose highlight with the matte white shadow and drew in my Pyramidal Neurons with the black gel liner. To further highlight the neurons I used the silver metallic Tarte liner to highlight the branches of the neurons. I used the same black eyeliner to line my lips and then highlight the cupids bow and the bottom lip with the silver liner.


The Inspiration:

            Just as the name implies, Pyramidal Cells get their name from their vague pyramid shape. According to Scholarpedia they are best known for being, “the most numerous excitatory cell type in mammalian cortical structures[,]” and that “[suggests] they play important roles in advanced cognitive functions.

            Cara, I’m here for the makeup why should I care and what does that mean?

            Well, loosely translated, it means that many scientists believe that mammals (like puppies and kitties and people) are able to think more complexly because of these cells. It’s the reason why humans have the ability to spot a super sick 15% off eyeshadow sale and your Cockatiel may only be interested in singing and pooping on things. Obviously, there are more things that go into it than just Pyramidal Neurons (hence why our hamsters aren’t looking in the mirror trying to curl their lashes) but I like to think that these neurons play a huge role in our past, our present, and our future – including the inception of one of the great wonders of the world.

The Products:


                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Brow Pencil: Medium Brown

                        Morphe: 35B Palette

                        BH Cosmetics: Modern Mattes Palette

                        Tarte Cosmetics: SmolderEyes Skinny Eyeliner: Onyx

   Essence: Volume Stylist 18 Hour Lash Extension Mascara 

                        Duo Lash Glue

                        House of Lashes: Noir Fairy



                        Morphe: 35B Palette

                        BH Cosmetics: Modern Mattes Palette              


   Makeup Revolution: Fast Base Stick Foundation: F2

   Benefit Cosmetics: Hoola Quickie Contour Stick

   Urban Decay: All Nighter Concealer: Fair/Warm

   Wet N’ Wild: MegaGlow Contouring Palette: Dulce De Leche 

   Tarte Cosmetics: Tartist Pro Eye Jewels Glitter Liner: Silver

   Tarte Cosmetics: Tartist Pro Eye Jewels Glitter Liner: White Gold

   ELF Cosmetics: Gel Eyeliner: Black

   Morphe: 35B Palette

   BH Cosmetics: Modern Mattes Palette