Astrocytes: Inspired Makeup Monday

Your Brain on Makeup  

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

Your Brain on Makeup is going to take inspiration from the cells in our bodies. These looks will take both literal and figurative cues from the tiny powerhouses that help fuel all our makeup addictions.

The Creation:


The Process:

I first mapped out the center piece with concealer to make sure I achieved the shape I wanted. When I was satisfied I filled in that S-Curve shape with the ELF Gel Liner. With the black Liner acting as a base I dabbed a combination of loose pigments from Smolder and shades from The Magic Palette by Juvia’s Place.

To mimic the drama of the S-Curve over my one eye I created a cut crease on the opposite eye using the Juvia’s Place palette. I began by packing the crease with the blue shadow to create the shape and buffed out the edges with a clean brush. I then worked my way down – cleaning up with concealer when necessary – with the yellow, red, and pink colors until I had the gradation I was happy with. To balance the look, I added a winged liner with my AOA Studio brown liquid liner and some basic mascara.

For the face I carefully used a paddle foundation brush to apply my Essential High Coverage foundation around the S-Curve. I highlighted and contoured wherever natural skin was showing, being careful not to disturb the center piece.

When I was ready, I began detailing the night sky portion with my Tarte silver metallic/glitter liner creating star-like shapes that blended into the Astrocyte portion of the makeup. For the Star-Cells I mapped out the shape with my black liner and filled it in using my Gold Digger Glam Dust. I went back in with my black liner to detail the cells.

For lips I carefully applied my black lipstick and used a combination of glosses to tie them in with the warm vs. cool tones of the makeup.


The Inspiration:

Astrocytes are nicknamed “star cells” due to their shape. Like stars, they are some of the most abundant cells in our brains. They’re the go-between when it comes to your head telling your body what to do. They catch the spark and pass it along. Normally I would make some sort of joke about how it helps to bring us to the makeup (which, I mean, it TOTALLY does) but I have a particular soft spot for these cells. Well…as much as you can have a soft spot for a neuron.

Today I’m taking the time to remind you that we are all made of stars and the things of stars. We all have a tiny universe inside of us that is able to do incredible things. We are capable of more than we could ever fully comprehend – and I think that’s pretty cool.


The Products:



                        Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dip Brow: Medium Brown

                        ELF: Gel Eyeliner: Black

                        Juvia’s Place: The Magic Palette

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Loose Glam Dust: Asteria

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Loose Glam Dust: Moon Stone

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Loose Glam Dust: Gold Digger

                        Smolder Cosmetics: Loose Glam Dust: White Gold

                        Wet N’ Wild: Color Icon Loose Pigment: Unicorn WIshes

                        Wet N’ Wild: Color Icon Loose Pigment: Mythical Dreams

                        Tarte Cosmetics: Tartist Pro Eye Jewels Liner: Silver

                        Shop Miss A: AOA Studio Liquid Liner: Brown

                        Essence: Volume Stylist 18hr Lash Extension Mascara



                        CoverGirl: Katy Kat Matte Lipstick: Perry Panther

                        Jouer Cosmetics: Lip Topper: Funfetti

                        Jouer Cosmetics: Lip Topper: Tan Lines  



                        Jouer Cosmetics: Essential High Coverage Foundation

Makeup Revolution: Conceal and Define Concealer: C1

Makeup Revolution: Conceal and Define Concealer: C12

RCMA: No Color Powder

ELF Cosmetics: Shimmering Highlight Powder: Starlight Glow