Microglia : Inspired Makeup Monday

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to today’s Inspired Makeup Monday and the latest look series on BackPorchPoet.

 Your Brain on Makeup

Your Brain on Makeup is going to take inspiration from the cells in our bodies. These looks will take both literal and figurative cues from the tiny powerhouses that help fuel all our makeup addictions. Today is the final installment to this makeup series.

The Creation


The Process:

            I started out filling my brows with my Dip Brow before mapping out the center of my face with concealer. Once I was divided in half I took my Urban Decay foundation and used it as a base on one side of my face. I worked one side at a time so I would fill in the second half once the first half was complete.

            For the clouds, I began with the dark blues from both palettes to create a gradient between the night sky and the setting sun. I then began blending down the peach, red, orange, and yellow colors to create the sunset effect. Using my concealer and a flat stiff brush I stamped the cloud shapes in as much of an organic shape as I could. To eliminate harsh lines, I would blend down the bottoms of the cloud shapes using the same brush and no additional products. I also used what was left on my brush to create loose, striated cloud shapes in the dark blue area. I filled in the clouds using a combination of yellow, pink, white, and brown from both palettes. I highlighted the high points using the Blacklight Palette and the yellow shift color. I contoured using a deep red color achieved by mixing colors from both palettes.

            For the neuron side I used a combination of bright blue, navy blue, black, and purple from both palettes, using the navy shade to contour my face and nose and a matte white to highlight. I first mapped out the Microglia with black eyeliner but then filled them in with the Kleancolor liquid eyeliner. I went back into the gel liner to add details to the cells and to line both eyes. I used the same BH cosmetics highlight palette to highlight my brow bones and cupids bow. Throw on some mascara and lashes and the look is complete.

The Inspiration:

            In opposition to what one might think, the green blobs on my face are not a flesh eating alien or a sneeze gone wrong – but are meant to represent Microglia (our nervous system’s first line of defense). Whenever there is any trauma to the central nervous system, they clear out the dead neurons to promote the creation and healing of new cells. However, there is a darker side to these cells. They have been linked to “harmful roles in neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ischemic injury, and traumatic brain injuries.”

            I didn’t set out to touch on this topic when beginning Your Brian on Makeup, however, it seems to have found me in the midst of my makeup mayhem. I have had family members experience traumatic injuries where they are unable to walk. I lost a grandparent to dementia.

            This look is multifaceted to me. The clouds and the atmosphere provide the first layer of defense between the earth and harmful rays emitting from the sun. They are also a representation of soft daydreaming in physical form. They can create life-giving rain or they can cause a tsunami. They mean well but sometimes they hurt us. That’s what I like to think our Microglia are doing. Maybe I’m putting too much significance on a cell. But who knows, maybe we’ll live in a world that’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and maybe we’ll live in a world where we can correct when Microglia go wrong and encourage them to continue to benefit us and our makeup-crazy minds.

The Products:  

            Due to the nature of the look – the products will not be separated into the usual eyes, lips, and face categories since most products were used most places.


            Urban Decay: All Nighter Concealer

            Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation

            Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dip Brow: Medium Brown  

            ELF Cosmetics: Gel Eyeliner: Black

            Morphe Brushes: 35B Palette

            BH Cosmetics: Modern Mattes Palette

            BH Cosmetics: Blacklight Highlight Palette

            Kleancolor: ALONG THE LINES-LIQUID EYELINER: Green Apple

            L’oreal: Lash Paradise Mascara

            House of Lashes: Noir Fairy