Swatch Party Friday! | Makeup Geek Single Shadows

Hey, it’s payday, and you’re looking to treat yourself after a long week of not flipping every document on your work desk and throwing the computer out of the window. Of course, that treat is going to be makeup (what else would it be), but what do you choose?

Swatch Party Fridays are here to save the day! After watching ThatGirlShaeXO perform dozens (if not hundreds) of live swatches on her face it inspired me to do the same all in the name of helping you find that next holy grail item.

Every week I’ll swatch a product on my arm and respective application site (minus glitters because, at the end of the day, I love myself too much to do that to my face). I hope this growing swatch catalog of my own personal collection will help you decide if it’s meant to have a home in your check out basket.

After all, what better way to celebrate the weekend than with makeup? I’ll wait…

Makeup Geek Single Shadows

Makeup Geek and her glam founder, Marlena Stell, have a special place in my makeup lover's heart. She was the first beauty YouTuber I stumbled upon at 17 who taught me how to not look a fool in my makeup. She inspired me to create my first (failed) blog at 18, and generally, her warm demeanor and infectious giggle were what kept me coming back for more. 

Let's fast forward to the year of our Lord 2018...Makeup Geek has gotten into a little bit of drama but we're not here to unpack that. Notwithstanding any major ethical problems, it's going to take a lot for me to stop wanting to support Marlena and her mini-empire. She was the friend who, all those years ago, introduced me to a whole new world of creativity through my computer screen and for that I am grateful. 

These single pan eyeshadows retail for $6-$10 USD. 

How it feels to finish 24 MUG Eyeshadow Face Swatches...