Halloween Costume Inspiration: Ice Queen Makeup

Hello Friends!

I missed yesterday’s Inspired Makeup Monday….But I hope I can make it up to you with a little spooky season realness.

I wanted to create the Ice Queen because I feel as though she gets a bad rep. If you know the story of the Snow Queen she has a tendency to steal children and turn them to absolute jerks just because she feels like it.

Not exactly the kind of person you want to invite over for drinks.

However, how many times in society or life are we forced to forgo our emotions in order to survive? Tell me there isn’t a point where you’ve had to become “icy” in order to overcome some sort of struggle.

The fact is, we live in a world where women (generally) are criticized as being “emotional” which becomes synonymous with “irrational” and then condemned as “ice queens” when we try to shirk these accusations in order to be taken more seriously?

Are we supposed to feel or nah?

So here’s to the Ice Queens out there! If you’re going to be criticized either way you might as well be yourself.