Inspired Makeup Monday (ish): Mermaids

Hello Friends!

Today’s Inspired Makeup Monday (at midnight on a Tuesday) takes us under the sea with some of the most well known mythical bitches of all, Mermaids.

Before there were cute redheads brushing their hair with forks, there were monstrously stunning creatures that brought men to their deaths right after bringing them to their knees. Though, it has been said that Mermaids may have been inspired by sea manatees…bringing a whole new meaning to thicc with two c’s.

Now is it our fault that a man gets so over excited about sea mammals that he destroys his ship? In spite of ancients trying to pass the buck to a fly lady-fish, it’s nice to know that they accidentally reinforced how powerful a woman can be. After all, can you blame the mermaids? A bunch of dudes come a pillage your fish-friends, pollute your home, and then go ga-ga over your banging fish body? Drowning them may not be the first answer but, let’s just say, it’s an answer.

The Look


Products Used

There were a lot of products…for brevity and the sake of my sanity, I’ll list the highlights (aka, the glitter).

Stila Glitter and Glow - Into the Blue & Sunset Cove

Super Glitters Gold Glitter

NYX Cosmetics - Epic Ink Liner

ELF - Mad for Mattes 2 Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Cosmetics - Dazzleshadow Liquid - Diamond Crumbles